Focused and time limited.

In Many cases the pieces of work that we are asked to undertake are specifically defined and time limited. For example, we may be asked to assist a service user in becoming more independent within their community.

We may support a service user with budgeting and shopping, perhaps supporting a service user on a serious of shopping trips to help that service user build their confidence in meeting new people and accessing public transport. Outreach work is normally time limited. The support plan is regularly reviewed to make sure that the work maintains a focus on the original agreed objectives and that any adjustments are made.

All service users referred for outreach support are automatically offered the opportunity to attend the whole range of Evolve’s social and recreational program (see Social and recreational activities). We find that our various groups and activities provide an opportunity for people to build new social and community networks. In some cases, the initial focus of the outreach work may have been working with a service user, who has become particularly isolated. We find that the groups are an excellent way to provide low level support to service users who have left our service but remain vulnerable to future difficulties. The groups offer a chance for people to seek advice and support from workers in an informal way, at an early stage and in an environment where they are already accepted. This avoids the more formal processes, such as re-referral routes and waiting lists.