As an organisation we benefit from the experience of our founder member Shaun Burland who previously established and managed Norfolk County Council’s Family Group Conferencing service. This service was able to evidence its effectiveness in reducing the numbers of children who became looked after and returning looked after children to their families. This experience means we are clear about what referring social workers and families need to achieve good outcomes.

Family group conferences for Adults

Our experience of working with service users with mental health problems has led us to believe that, Family group conferencing can work for everyone.

Family group conferences can help families make plans for circumstances such as:-

  • Transitions from children to adult services.
  • Planning discharge from hospital.
  • Supporting carers.
  • Promoting independence.

Family group conferences provide an opportunity to:-

  • Improve communication between families and the professionals.
  • Empower families to become more actively involved in supporting their family member in the community.
  • Help a family to feel confident that they can make an important contribution without being worried that professionals will withdraw leaving the family isolated.

Our referral system is efficient and easy to use, saving valuable social work time.